ASDM error: Unconnected sockets not implemented

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a long while since my last post, but I promise to try to make more frequent posts.
One thing I noticed today was that I couldn’t launch Cisco’s ASDM from my laptop running a clean install of Vista SP1. I noticed the same error on my desktop at work as well, right after login, I’d get this:

ASDM is unable to continue loading. Click OK to exit from ASDM.
Unconnected sockets not implemented.

I was trying to connect to an ASA5505 and an ASA5510, both running 8.0(2) and ASDM 6.0(2). Well after half an hour of research, and not finding a fix, I started troubleshooting on my own. I found the problem to be the Java runtime version I was using. It seems ASDM is incompatible with JRE 6u10. I uninstalled it and installed JRE 6u7 and then ASDM came right up with no errors.
So there you go, if you’re running Vista SP1, ASDM will not work with JRE 6u10, try 6u7 instead.
-Rick Estrada

EDIT 2008/11/26@08.14
I had a question about where to download JRE6u7, so here it is:
Go to this page, and click the “Download JRE” link, then select your platform and language, and you should be presented with the online and offline installers.
Also, remember to disable automatic updating of your Java engine by going to “Control Panel” > “Java” icon > “Update” tab > and uncheck “Check for updates automatically”. The “Java” icon appears in the control panel only when it is in “classic view”, both in XP and Vista.
-Rick Estrada

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  1. I’ve been getting a lot of possitive feedback on this one, so I enabled commenting for the blog.
    I really appreciate everyone’s input.
    -Rick Estrada

  2. THANKS! This also fixed the same symptom on Windows XP SP3 running JRE6u10. removing that and installing JRE6u7 fixed the problem.

    Thanks a bunch!

    Don M. – Columbia, MO

  3. Thanks! Fixed it for me too. This also appears to be the fix when ASDM won’t start on Server 2008. However on this OS there is no error message the ASDM just never appears.

  4. Thanks… I just got the “unconnected sockets” error while trying to run ASDM and yours is the first page on a Google search to find the problem… thanks for the solution!

    Thomas Dzubin

  5. Appreciate help we were sweating issues this am and couldn’t use the “easy” interface.

  6. I feel stupid asking this question, but where is everyone getting JRE 6u7? I’ve been poking around Sun’s site and googling it, but I can’t find it.

    The only JRE 6u7 I could find was for Itanium machines.

  7. thx,I find the same mistakes that you talk. I uninstalled the JRE 6u10 and then ASDM get right.

  8. I discovered the same issue few days ago. With JRE6u7 properly works on XP SP3 and Vista SP1 also.

  9. Thanks a million! I was having the problem on WinSvr2008x64. Uninstalling 6u10 and replacing it with 6u7 got it to work.

  10. Thanks very much on the ASDM Java tip! Worked great after installing 6u7 instead of 6u10 which was blowing up.
    Saved me hours of time.
    Thanks again!

  11. I heard that Java Version 6 Update 11 is out, so maybe that’ll fix it. But another workaround instead of uninstalling is disabling 6u10 in the control panel (good for the web ASDM) and changing java version in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREJavaSoftJava Runtime Environment1.6JavaHome and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREJavaSoftJava Runtime Environment1.6RuntimeLib (good for ASDM launcher). You can check by doing java -version and prompt. May wish to change the java executables in system32 to be complete, but not necessary.

  12. Thanks. This was a great solution. Let me add something. I am running Vista 64-bit, so if you go to get Java 6.7 make sure you do not download and install the 64-bit Jave version. Get the standard version 32-bit version because the ASDM is looking for Java in the x86 program files of Vista x64.

  13. There is a new ASDM in the Interim Releases that supposedly fixes this problem, but I can’t get it to login to my ASAs.

  14. You have to love Cisco and Sun! Cisco for wanting to use old Java and Sun for making new ones that don’t work with older versions!

    And, BTW, update 11 doesn’t work either!

  15. I had the problem start happening out of nowhere. I had JRE v10 installed. I tried the JRE v11 upgrade but that didn’t help either. I removed JRE v11 and went back to JRE v7 and it works great now. I’ve made sure to disable automatic updates now as well.

    Thanks for the post. Hopefully Sun / CISCO will fix this.

  16. Here’s another little nugget of knowledge..

    Turns out PDM doesn’t like JRE 7, although it worked fine with 10 (not sure about 11)! So you can’t have an install that works with both PDM, and ASDM!

    Just can’t win with these guys!

    Glad we have this thing called ‘Virtualization’!


  17. Cisco has a fix! See CSCsv12681.

    Here are the releases it is fixed in:


    Thanks for the great info! The workaround got me going while I was chasing the fixes.


  18. Thank you so much for that i have been working on that for about a week and am due to go out on business soon. many thanks

  19. Same problem on fresh XP SP3, Java 6 Update 11 and latest ASDM 6.1.5. AFAIR, didn’t have any problems on Java 6 Update 3.

  20. Another quick trick is to use ASDM as an applet instead of using the launcher. The control panel let’s you pick what version of Java to use for applets. You can have multi version on java running that way.

  21. hello
    I installed the 6.1(5.51) but i can’t connect to my asa
    but the cisco patch resolve juste one thing : there is no error message
    ASDM load but stop when “software update completed”

  22. Yet another satisfied anonymous internet person.

    I have enough to deal with without having to figure out why I can’t even access the web admin page, you saved me much frustration.

  23. jetjet51: I believe this is probably due to Java 6 Update 11. I couldn’t find a copy of 10 to download to actually verify, but Update 7 still works to get around this problem. It looks like Cisco has an ASDM 6.1(5.57) out under the interim releases category now as well — I suspect this may further fix things, however, my blasted Pix at work is jammed up now with some ghost connections, so I can’t erase the older 6.1(5.51) from flash and put .57 in to see if it fixes things any further.

    Suffice it to say, if I had the energy, I’d be writing some really nasty hatemail to Cisco AND Sun right about now…

  24. Rick: Thanks for the information it helped me out to get acces to my ASA 5010.

    Ricardo Castrejon

  25. After looking at the strings in in the ASDM-Launcher.exe executable, I found I could set the version of java that the ASDM launcher was using by adding a line “javapath c:Program FilesJavajre1.6.0_07binclientjvm.dll” to the asdm-launcher.config file. That lets me leave my default JRE as 1.6.0_11.

  26. Verified that v11 still causes this issue, rollback to 7 works great. Kudos for the informative, respectful blog.

  27. Thanks for the information this did the trick for me as well. I used the info from Tim Braun and it worked like a champ πŸ™‚

  28. Hey, folks – thanks for the help!! This jumped out at me from nowhere, too, and I had no idea what was going on. As soon as I got rid of update 11, all was well.

    Appreciate it!!

    Jon Koelker
    Oyster River Co-operative School District
    Durham, NH

  29. Hey, folks – thanks for the help!! This jumped out at me from nowhere, too, and I had no idea what was going on. As soon as I got rid of update 11, all was well.

    Appreciate it!!

    Jon Koelker
    Oyster River Co-operative School District
    Durham, NH

  30. This saved a lot of time as came up in the top on my Google search and worked great. Thanks for taking the time to write up.

  31. Muchas gracias, me ha servido de maravillas, me salvaste la vida.

    Thanks soo much, your save my life….

  32. just wanted to join the long list of people who are saying thanks!

    so…. THANKS!

  33. *sighs* This always happens with Cisco PDM/ASDM. Back when I had an old school 520 PIX I couldn’t upgrade my Java beacuse of the same problems with incompatability.

    Thanks for the observation and documenting the fix.


  34. Thanks,

    It works for me. There is some bug in JRE update 11 which cause this problem when lanching ADSM.

  35. From San Jose, Costa Rica

    Thanks a lot man! It solved my ASDM problem as well.

    Juan P.

  36. I getting same error for my both PC when connecting from ASDM to ASA5505.

    First PC:
    Windows XP Pro with SP3 install with Java Run Time 6 update 11

    Second PC:
    Windows Vista Businese with SP1 install with Java Run Time 6 update 12

    After downgrade to Java Run Time 6 update 7 the error disapear and both running fine.

    You may download the Java Run Time 6 update 7 at

  37. Thanks a lot guys for help πŸ™‚ Me too having same prob….. that darn JVM πŸ™‚

  38. WOW! – I’m using Vista 64bit and had similar troubles with ASDM (java null pointer exceptions and ASDM hangs). After installing 6u7 … it works!!!

    I cannot believe that newer versions of Java are producing such errors … really bad backward compatibility!

    Thanks for sharing your expirience!

  39. Thanks a ton. I was misinfomed that the issue is with Java 6 and only Java 5 is compatible with Win Vista.

  40. Thank you for saving me the hassle of troubleshooting this! I found this solution quickly thanks to your post.

  41. Whack the following in a batch file, and run it – the last line of the 3 is pretty much just what’s in the asdm-launcher.config file – substitute path’s as required – I’m happily running the ADSM with update 7 and another Java based program (in-house app) using update 12 simultaneously using this method:

    PATH=”c:Program FilesJavajre1.6.0_07bin”
    cd “C:Program FilesCisco SystemsASDM”
    java -cp lzma.jar;jploader.jar;asdm-launcher.jar;. -Xms64M -Xmx256M -Dsun.swing.enableImprovedDragGesture=true

  42. instead of uninstalling the J-upd you can go into control panel, change the used JRE to an older version, and use JAVA webstart to launch ASDM from the browser (https://ur_fw_ip/admin/) – that will work, however might be a hassle.

  43. Thanks for the comments here guys but I had the same problem, downgraded and now have another problem – once it gets to the “software update completed” bit, it just hang waiting.

    Won’t let me post the log stuff I’m afraid

    Any ideas?


  44. Hey George,
    I think I saw this once at a remote site once on an ASA 5505. I belive what resolved the issue was updating the ASDM code on the ASA itself, then reloading the ASA. I remember trying to troubleshoot the issue on my laptop, but the problem was actually the ASA.
    Hope this helps!

  45. I all the sudden started having the same problem and I am on 6u12 of Java.
    Problem is my company doesn’t allow a downgrade.

  46. Ahhhhhhhhhh! You absolute beauty! Thanks so much for the heads up on this one. Perect answer and problem solved. If ony Cisco support was this good. Thanks!

  47. This is actually a known bug with Cisco. The fix for this is to use ASDM image this version of the ASDM will work with even the newer versions of Java (I am using version 6 u13 (released April 2009).

    See this link for bug info:

    Bug ID code: CSCsv12681

    Before you upgrade the ASDM, I would also upgrade to ASA 8.04 as well.

  48. I found this info to be very helpful. However, I just came across another instance where this method doesn’t really apply. In my case, I have an ASA5510 and ASDM was working perfectly until a few days ago. It acted like I had the wrong java engine again. After researching I found that the ASA5510 won’t respond to the ASDM if it has been live for over one years time. My ASA was live for 367 days without a reload. I reloaded the ASA and now ASDM works like a charm again.

  49. You, sir, are the jiggity-jam! I had a suspicion that it was the newer version of Java, but your help here not only confirmed it but save my bacon as well.

    Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work!

  50. Thanks Rick, for the original article, and Tim Braun for an excellent, specific, workaround.

  51. Thanks a bunch – even our Cisco supporters did not have a clear answer to this one, apart from it being java related – you just saved my day! Best regards, Flemming Pedersen

  52. Just got an early release of 1.6.0_14 and this resolved the ASDM issue for our environment. We had to use at least 1.6.0_13 which fails and we cannopt roll back to update 7 due to standards.

  53. thanks a lot – saved me in the mids of an asa upgrade πŸ™‚ also useful to note is that on 64bit systems, you need to use the 32bit version of java or ASDM won’t run at all.

  54. Obrigado cara.
    Eu estava com o JRE 6u13, entΓ£o removi e instalei a versΓ£o 6u7.
    Ficou funcionando perfeitamente.


  55. I just updated to the latest asdm 6.1.5 and ASA 8.0(4)and as stated above it runs Java 6.14 JUST peachy. So if you can upgrade that solves everything, otherwise you are stuck at 6.10 for java.

  56. This blog was a great find. Had 6.11, uninstalled and re-installed 6.7 and ASDM now working again.

  57. Ok, I'm using 64bit XP. I have downloaded and installed both jre6u7 for 32bit and 64bit. But, I'm still getting this error.

    "ASDM cannot be loaded. Click OK to exit ASDM"
    "Unconnected sockets not implemented"

    Any ideas anyone?

  58. I actually had an entirely different version of the ASDM and JRE (newer), but the same theory applied: It would throw out the error you described and bomb out, but then I applied the updated Java stuff and it fired up fine. Thanks for your help.

  59. Thanx you so much, Rick!
    I have an ASA 5510 newest, from box, and ASDM from cd does not work, just only opened a logon form, and close. my jdk is latest from java downloads, and im tryed some googling, and nobody knows what to do with this.
    but you are realy help me to fix this problem, you are great! greetz from Kiev, Ukrain πŸ˜‰

  60. Works sweet on Windows 7 64-bit too. We had the same problem with update 10. Awesome, thanks heaps!!!!

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