Citrix License Manager service fails

So in working on one of the DCs at work, I noticed errors in the app event log:

Event ID 4098 The CTXLMC service failed to start.
It was preceded by the error:
Event ID 4096 Could not load the Java Virtual Machine.
Then i remembered uninstalling JRE on this box a while back, because really, it’s a DC, why would it be there? Well, I got my answer.
But no matter how much I googled, I couldnt find an easy answer to what specific version of JRE I needed to install, until, in researching Citrix support, I  found:
We’re running Presentation Server 4.5 on a different box, but licensing on this box. And it seems the licensing services require JRE.
And after trying different versions, JRE 1.5.0 Update 9 worked just fine. The service started right up when manually started, with no errors in event logs.
Hope this helps!
Rick Estrada

ASDM error: Unconnected sockets not implemented

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a long while since my last post, but I promise to try to make more frequent posts.
One thing I noticed today was that I couldn’t launch Cisco’s ASDM from my laptop running a clean install of Vista SP1. I noticed the same error on my desktop at work as well, right after login, I’d get this:

ASDM is unable to continue loading. Click OK to exit from ASDM.
Unconnected sockets not implemented.

I was trying to connect to an ASA5505 and an ASA5510, both running 8.0(2) and ASDM 6.0(2). Well after half an hour of research, and not finding a fix, I started troubleshooting on my own. I found the problem to be the Java runtime version I was using. It seems ASDM is incompatible with JRE 6u10. I uninstalled it and installed JRE 6u7 and then ASDM came right up with no errors.
So there you go, if you’re running Vista SP1, ASDM will not work with JRE 6u10, try 6u7 instead.
-Rick Estrada

EDIT 2008/11/26@08.14
I had a question about where to download JRE6u7, so here it is:
Go to this page, and click the “Download JRE” link, then select your platform and language, and you should be presented with the online and offline installers.
Also, remember to disable automatic updating of your Java engine by going to “Control Panel” > “Java” icon > “Update” tab > and uncheck “Check for updates automatically”. The “Java” icon appears in the control panel only when it is in “classic view”, both in XP and Vista.
-Rick Estrada