Citrix License Manager service fails

So in working on one of the DCs at work, I noticed errors in the app event log:

Event ID 4098 The CTXLMC service failed to start.
It was preceded by the error:
Event ID 4096 Could not load the Java Virtual Machine.
Then i remembered uninstalling JRE on this box a while back, because really, it’s a DC, why would it be there? Well, I got my answer.
But no matter how much I googled, I couldnt find an easy answer to what specific version of JRE I needed to install, until, in researching Citrix support, I  found:
We’re running Presentation Server 4.5 on a different box, but licensing on this box. And it seems the licensing services require JRE.
And after trying different versions, JRE 1.5.0 Update 9 worked just fine. The service started right up when manually started, with no errors in event logs.
Hope this helps!
Rick Estrada

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