Zetafax using Windows TAPI

I have a scenario here at work where long distance calls require a 4 digit code to be entered after the phone number is dialed. Roughly, here’s how it goes:

pick up receiver -> 9,1 2223334444 -> wait for voice prompt -> 5555 (4 digit code)
So when setting up our new Zetafax server, I couldn’t find a way to configure this rule within the software. instead, I had to use Windows TAPI rules with the “calling card” options.
Just for reference, Windows TAPI only supports 255 or 256 prefix numbers per area code rule. Zetafax server, only supports 36. If you enter more than 36, the server configuration tool exits as if it had crashed. I called technical support, and the very rude lady on the phone, confirmed this limit, but lowered the number to 30 supported prefixes. She said the next release of Zetafax server would natively include rules like those in Windows TAPI, and also include an “exclude” list of prefixes, unlike TAPI’s “include” only option.
I really hope this makes sense, I googled this and couldn’t find an answer.
If you need explaining, feel free to send me an email.
-Rick Estrada

Live Mesh service is unavailable – Error during install

So I’ve stated playing around with Microsoft’s Live Mesh application and am loving it!

I have in the past used sync tools like SyncToy and online storage, like Google Docs, but this is on a whole other level, not to mention remote desktop-like pc control.
This morning, I decided to install in on my Thinkpad x40, which is running Vista Business, but I kept getting an error:

Live Mesh service is unavailable.
Please retry your installation later.
[80072F78] The server returned an invalid or unrecognized response

I rebooted, over and over, but had no success. Later I realized my AV software was still runing. As soon as I disabled it, Live Mesh finished installing and started up with no problem. After a reboot, the AV came up and so did Live Mesh and it has been working OK since.
Just fyi, I’m running Avast! 4.8 Home edition.
Hope this helps, because I found no help google-ing this error.
-Rick Estrada

The weekend is now over…

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend.

Mine was OK, we had the best weather we’ve had in South Texas in a long time.
So I finally mounted my plasma on the wall; I bought the mount on eBay for like $120, and it is awesome! I’ll post pics later on.
I also installed Vista Ultimate on my old GX260, I’ll post info on drivers and tweaks I had to implement to get it going. It runs pretty good, but I had problems with video driver and had to disable a lot of services to make it run as smooth as XP.
Stay tuned for more…
-Rick Estrada