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OK, so far so good, day 5 of 2009, day 1 back at work…
I finally made time to finish my review of the HP Mini 2133. My boss bought a few to try out, one with Vista two with XP Pro. I’m actually typing this up on the Mini. It’s actually a pretty decent system. A netbook is a netbook, so I wasn’t expecting too much going in. I have found the keyboard to be the biggest challenge. My hands aren’t huge, yet they are big enough to make typing on the Mini a learning experience. So much, in fact, that I’ve become very well familiar with the backspace key. It seems to me that the keys around the pinkies and ring fingers that are a little too cramped. It’ll do for casual use on the go, but not for typing a novel.
The screen also surprised me. Despite being small, the resolution is great at 1280×768. My primary laptop can only do 1024×768. However, I wouldn’t stare at it all day. On the downside, it seems to get dingy with fingerprints easily, unless it’s just me being careless. (I’m terrible about fingerprints on a screen)
Performance was pretty good too. I found it more than enough for web browsing and streaming video. This model has 2GB, so I was able to run multiple office apps and web browsers with it not skipping a beat.
All in all, I would definitely recommend this netbook for travel or light use. It is by no means a full fledged laptop, nor a system you’d use 8 hours a day. But it’s perfect for on the go.
I’ll post pictures tomorrow for side by side comparison with other laptops.
Next time, benchmark numbers…
Rick Estrada

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